John O. Smith

art projects

My artwork explores language, repetition, and social structures, encouraging viewer curiosity and interaction. Projects develop conceptually, leading to work in a variety of media, including: artist's books, gallery installation, photography, public art, and performance. Many projects are ongoing, long-term creative actions. I often collaborate with artists and groups; developing projects through creative dialog; sharing skills & process to create work different from our own experience. My work has been been exhibited and presented internationally, and collected by public and private collectors.

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 Currency Exchange  |  Artist's book project   |

 Limited edition handcrafted books transforming currency into art and art into currency

 Fold  |  Gallery installation project   |   Over 11,000 hand-folded papers, gathered into 5 piles

 Own Your Own  |  Gallery installation project – collaborative with Stuart Morris

 250 hand-printed t-shirts  |  Gallery reception performed as sales event

 Threshold  |  Artists' book project – collaborative with Edwin Jager

 200-page limited edition handcrafted book presenting a photographic narrative in 5 chapters

 against the wind  |  Photography project – presented as digital video and photographic installation

 100 digital photographs taken over a six month time period

 Feel The Pinch  |  Collaborative with The Default Project

 Installation and performance piece including dance and original video

 Out of Circulation  |  Gallery installation project  |  8-foot selection of library books recontextualized

 Attempts to Draw Six Inch Diameter Circles  |  Artist's book project

 Ongoing project  |  4 handcrafted books created each year  |  Over 80 books total since 1994

 Control+Alt+Delete  |  Gallery installation project – collaborative with Matt Greenwell & Stuart Morris

 Featuring 50 macintosh computers, 3 live parakeets, and motion detectors

 Reading  |  Ongoing digital photography project

 Art of This  |  Collaborative with The Default Project

 Gallery installation and performance piece including dance, designed material, audience interaction

 Conjure Arts  |  Gallery installation project – collaborative with Stuart Morris

 Featuring graphic design work created by Conjure Arts

 Synchro Swim Barbies – Synthetic Beauties  |  Collaborative with The Default Project

 Performance piece including original video  |