John O. Smith

graphic design projects

My work as a designer and art director focuses on creating unique and functional communication solutions. I work with the client to dialog ideas and develop a plan to successfully communicate client message. Projects are based on exploration of material, content, and context. I have worked as a designer and art director for museums, organizations, publications, marketing/promotions agencies, sign & exhibit graphics, and identity projects. I also owned and operated a design business, and served as creative director and financial manager for a full-service design studio.

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 Tractor Magazine  |  Design, art direction, and print oversight for quarterly arts magazine

 Logos and Identities  |  Design and art direction for business and organization identity systems

 Seeds Within Museum Exhibition Catalog  |  Design and art direction for 24 page catalog

 Sensations Exhibit Brochure  |  Design, photo illustration for 3-panel brochure

 Conjure Arts Exhibit Poster  |  Design and illustration for poster/mailer

 Slovo Journal  |  Design, art direction for 60-page biannual journal

 Jackson School Environmental Signage  |  Art direction and production coordination for set of educational signs

 Rare Earth Exhibit brochure  |  Design for 3-panel brochure

 Video Post Logo, Video Kiosk & Brochure  |  Design logo, B2B promo material, and kiosk graphics for start-up company

 In Shape Exhibit Catalog  |  Design for 24-page catalog  |   Cover is blind-embossed

 French Film Poster  |  Project coordination and art-direction 2-color poster

 What's Inside Event Campaign  |  Art direction and design for University event promo material

 City Series Exhibit Catalog  |  Design and coordination for 24-page catalog

Cedar Rapids Museum of Art Donor Sign

Design and production coordination.

 Treehaven Brochure  |  Art direction and design for 3-panel fund-raising brochure

 Performing Arts Series Brochure  |  Art direction and design for 3-panel promotional brochure

 Exhibtion Invite Postcards  |  Design, photography, and print coordination for exhibition promo